Official site C'E'  SOLO L' AS ROMA C'E'  SOLO L' AS ROMA Totti C'E'  SOLO L' AS ROMA
Official site C'E'  SOLO L' AS ROMA C'E'  SOLO L' AS ROMA Totti C'E'  SOLO L' AS ROMA

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site for all giallorossi from ROMAnia

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In brief

Name: Associazione Sportiva Roma (ASRoma)
Born date: 22 Iuly 1927
Adress: Via di Trigoria Km 3600- 00128 Roma
Phone: 06/501911
Stadium: Stadio Olympico (82.922 places)
President: Dc.Francesco Sensi
Vicepresidnt: Gen. Dc. Ciro di Martino
Sportiv director: Franco Baldini
Coach: Fabio Capello
Captain: Francesco Totti (10)
il luppo

The team

Coach Midfielders
Fabio Capello 7    D. Wahab
Goalkepers 8    Francisco Lima
1    Lupatelli 10  Francesco Totti
12  Carlo Zotti 11  Ferreira Emerson
22  Ivan Pelizolli 15  Olivier Dacourt
Defenders 16  Damiano Tommasi
4   Cristian Chivu 20  A Mancini
4    Luigi Sartor 21  Alberto Aquilani
32  Vincent Candela 27  Daniele de Rossi
31  Traianos Delas Forwards
5   Jonathan Zebina 33  John Carew
16  Saliou Lassissi 9   Vincenzo Montella
19  Walter Samuel 18  Antonio Cassano
23  Christian Panucci 24  Marco Delvecchio
26  Damiano Feronetti
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AS Roma -istoria

On June 1893 the English brought football to Italy, in Genoa to be exact, where some young British citizens introduced themselves to consul Mr. Payton with the request to form a sporting club: "We are subjects to Your British Majesty, we live in Genoa due to work and it seems to us only right, as we did in our country, to devote some sports here, above all the game of football." It was born this way, initiated above all by G. D. Fawcus, the Genoa Cricket and Athletic Club, who, from 1896 changed it's name to Genoa Cricket and Football Club.
But there was still need a few more decades for football to become 'calcio', and, despite the birth of different clubs in the rest of Italy, the first national championship was played only in 1939-30. Before this date, the clubs that came to form were playing in different regional groups played to elimination and the scudetto was awarded after the national final.
In the beginning of the '20s the Roman societies enrolled in the major championship (still divided in regional groups) they were Lazio, Romana, Fortitudo, Alba, Juventus, Roman, Audace and Pro Roma. In 1922 Fortitudo reached the national finals, which was played in two meetings, but they were beat by Pro Vercelli (3-0 and 5-2 were the results). In 1925 it was Alba's turn to reach the finals, to be beaten by Bologna (4-0 and 2-0). The following year Alba again in the finals, where again beaten this time by Juventus of Torino (7-1 and 5-0).They realized that are too weak to fight to the North teams and Romana and Pro Roma joined and this new team are actual Roma.
The teams realized rthat they are too weak to fight with the North teams, so they joinand only 4 tean remaided in capital:Romana,Lazio,Alba andFortitudo.Romana is actualy AS Roma.

Roma vs Lazio

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